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<p>4day mall Wide sale</p>

<p>Shopping Season 2019 – 26th December – 2nd February</p>

<p>The Greate Holiday Escape</p>





<p>6 Day Mall Wide Sale 25th -30th April 2018</p>

<p>Dubai Food Festival. 22nd Feburary - 10th March 2018</p>

<p>More Than 50% OFF with Lulu at Arabian Center</p>

<p>50% OFF with Lulu at Arabian Center 25th -28th February 2018</p>

<p>4 Day Mall Wide Sale</p>

<p>THE GREAT DSF DEAL at Arabian Center is here!</p>

This DSF, Arabian Center brings to you the lowest prices and the cheapest deals across town.

So… to get your best buys, head to Arabian Center right away and do not miss the best offers on shopping, entertainment and dining.

<p>Super Sale 23rd - 25th November  2017</p>

<p>4 Day Mall Wide Sale</p>

<p>4 Day Mall Wide Sale. 7th-10th March 2018.</p>

<p>4day mall wide sale</p>

<p>Back To School</p>